Dominicus International Academy

Dominicus International Academy is an absolutely spectacular place. Our 2.5 year old daughter Izzy attends school year a few days a week and Ben teaches music here part time as well. We have been so impressed with this school. We never imagined we would find a school like this in this area, and honestly you would be hard pressed to find a school this good in the United States either. We are absolutely in love with this place and we’re so grateful it opened this year.

General Academic Information

Dominicus International Academy offers a personalized and enriching holistic bilingual education, based on the highest standards of international education. Exclusively designed for each student to develop her skills to her full potential with teaching based on values, nature and mindfulness.


All students at Dominicus International are enrolled through Homelife Academy in the United States. The diploma and transcripts conferred by Homelife Academy are accepted by schools internationally including in the Dominican Republic.


Reasons Why We Love Dominicus International Academy

Reason #1 - The Curriculum and Class Sizes

In addition to more traditional subjects, the curriculum at DIA includes Yoga, Sustainability, Music, Montessori Time, Practical Life Skills, and Mindfulness. The class sizes are intentionally kept very small and they have an incredible student to teacher ratio. We feel super good knowing that Izzy is getting personalized instruction and not just getting lost in the crowd.

Reason #2 - Mindfulness

The Kids start every day with a mindfulness activity and a part of their day is spent doing yoga. We have seen such an amazing affect with our daughter. She will stop during the day and just pop into downward dog. She’s learning to regulate her breathing and be mindful throughout her life. We are so grateful that she is learning these skills at 2.5 instead of struggling to fix unhealthy coping mechanisms and learn to be present as an adult.

Reason #3 - Time Outside

They have multiple times throughout the day where they have time spent outside as a class and if an individual needs extra outside time in a day a teacher/TA will facilitate that. They have time to run around freely in the large grassy area and on the large playground. Movement is so important for kids and we love that Izzy gets that at school. They also have the most adorable outdoor play kitchen that was custom made for the school by one of the parents.

Reason #4 - The Languages

DIA is a bilingual school which means that the children are taught partially in English and partially in Spanish. It has been amazing for Izzy’s languege development. The other super fun part is that the kids from the school are from all over the world so she is getting exposed to Italian, Russian, Spanish, English and others throughout the day just from her friends.

Reason #5 - The Community

Izzy talks about “fun school friends” every single day. She absolutely adores the kids in her class and even in the classes above her. She’s always super excited to see her teachers. Ben and I have also gotten connected to such an incredible community through the school. The parents and teachers have been an incredible support system and they’re really fun people as well. I don’t think we would have decided to stay here long term if we hadn’t gotten connected with DIA.

Dominicus International Academy Contact Info


WhatsApp: +1 (809) 795 -7003

Instagram: @dominicusinternationalacademy

Address: Av. La Laguna, Dominicus-Bayahibe, La Altagracia 23000, Dominican Republic


Sunday                 Closed

Monday               9am-3pm

Tuesday               9am-3pm

Wednesday         9am-3pm

Thursday             9am-3pm

Friday                   9am-3pm

Saturday             Closed