Burgers in Bayahibe

Cafeteria MoniKiKi

Burgers in Bayahibe

Cafeteria Monikiki is a family eatery, and they make you feel at home. They run their restaurant with both love and professionalism, and customers come from all over for their burgers, burritos, sandwiches and fresh juices.

Their hamburgers and their juices are 100% natural, their burritos are their house specialty and our absolute favorite thing to order is the Jugo de Limón (lime aid). The Jugo de Limón is, by far, the best in the area and we have (more than once) gone home with an entire gallon of it to put in our fridge. It is incredible. They also offer great traditional Dominican style sandwiches.

The hand selected 100% beef burgers are all prepared in house. They offer chicken or beef burritos using meat that is also carefully selected and then grilled to order.

We recommend the crispy french fries as a side and the bacon cheeseburger as the best combo. 

Monikiki is located about 5 minutes from the ocean and they offer orders for delivery, and pick up. You can also dine in to enjoy their delicious burgers, burritos, sandwiches and juice in their family atmosphere full of warmth, service and kindness. It’s a great place to stop for burgers in Bayahibe.


Reasons Why We Love MoniKiKi

Reason #1 -The Family Atmosphere

Like many of the businesses in Bayahibe, MoniKiki is a family-run operation. We enjoyed bringing our 2 year old daughter to the restaurant because she was well received by the owners and had space to explore while they prepared our food. They chatted with us and made us feel like a part of their family when we stopped by to enjoy a burger and fries.

Reason #2 - The Bacon atop their Burger!

Believe it or not, we have tried some bad bacon while in town. However, the bacon MoniKiki uses and the way they cook it just added the perfect garnish for the already delicious burger. We highly recommend getting a Bacon Cheeseburger when you go.

Reason #3 - Their Juice(s)

We love that you can get fresh, hand squeezed juice here! And their version was incredible. In fact, we liked the Limón juice so much that we asked them to squeeze whole gallon for us and we came back the next day to pick it up! They also have seasonal juices including Chinola (passion fruit), Mango, and Strawberry depending on the season. We like ours with almost no sugar, and they kindly oblige this request.

Reason #4 - Matia's (the owner & cook) Sense of Humor

Matia is hilarious! He is Chilean by nationality so he brings a different flare of humor and perspective as you chat with him. We love joking around with him, and his quick witted jokes are sure to keep you on your toes. He also is the master networker. If you need something in town, he is likely to know where to get it, and even have a contact of two that can help you out. We highly recommend talking with him if you get the chance.

Reason #5 - Authentic Small Town Dominican Location

A short walk from the ocean, but buried back in the Bayahibe neighborhood you can find this quaint, simple but homey restaurant. It’s awesome to be surrounded by the vivacious Dominican nightlight and music blasting, with children running and playing in the streets. This is a great spot to really get to see some authentic, small town, Dominican way of life and learn about the culture here while eating burgers in Bayahibe.

MoniKiKi Contact Info

For Delivery: +1 809-214-1911

WhatsApp: +1 809-214-1911

Instagram: @caf_monikiki1

Address: C. Tomasa Cedeño 50, Los Melones 23000, República Dominicana


Sunday                 6pm-11pm

Monday                 Closed

Tuesday                6pm-11pm

Wednesday          6pm-11pm

Thursday              6pm-11pm

Friday                   6pm-11pm

Saturday               6pm-11pm