Gift Shop in Dominicus

Route 66

Gift Shop in Dominicus

Route 66 is a beautiful little gift shop that has a very large selection of goods. Our favorite thing about it is how well they take care of you there. Some gift shops we’ve been in here treat you like just another faceless person in a crowd, but we’ve never had that experience here.

We wanted a hammock for our terrace, but we had no way of installing it. Everything is built with cinderblocks here so installation is not an easy process. We talked to Robert, the manager of the store, and asked for help. He found people to deliver and install the hammock the very same day. They needed to go buy more supplies and they still got it done that day. If you’ve experienced “Island Time” then you’ll understand just how impressive that is. Things do not move quickly in the Dominican Republic, but Route 66 did, and we’ve enjoyed using our hammock every day since then.

Reasons Why We Love Route 66 Gift Shop in Dominicus

Reason #1 - The Selection

We love the amount of beautiful things they have in their store. Larimar is a stone that is found primarily in the Dominican Republic and they have a gorgeous selection of it. They also have beach toys for the kiddos and beautiful clothes. They have it arranged in a way that doesn’t feel overwhelming or messy when you walk in which makes it a much more enjoyable experience.

Reason #2 - The Way They Treat People

We’ve never felt nameless and faceless here. They care about people and they won’t just brush you off. If you need something they will help you figure it out.

Reason #3 - The Location

Route 66 is located on one of our favorite corners in Dominicus. (Seriously, the people watching is amazing on this corner.) They’re also located right next to IL Boccale which has incredible burgers. It’s easy to get to, fun to shop, and about a 3 minute walk from the public beach. Buy a new swimsuit, grab a burger and then walk to the beach and enjoy a sunset!

Reason #4 - The Way They Make Things Happen For Their Customers

If you read our hammock story at the top of the page then you know exactly what we’re talking about. They have a “get ‘er done” attitude that you don’t find too many places here. It can be difficult to accomplish things in the Dominican Republic, but Route 66 actually gets things done quickly and they will help you get what you need.

Reason #5 - Robert

Robert is one of the most kind, considerate and sharp shop managers we have met. He works hard to listen to what you are looking for and find you the perfect size, color and shape of the item you are in search of. We had need of a white wicker basket for our coffee area and he found one of the exact size and style we were looking for. He has connections and knows how to get ahold of the best stuff!

Route 66 Contact Info

WhatsApp: +1 809-299-6610

Instagram: @giftshoproute

Address: Av. Fuller, Dominicus 23000

Hours: 9-12 and 1-7:30