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Bayahibe Dominicus, Dominican Republic

Bayahibe is a town in the Dominican Republic, located about 10 miles (16 km) east of La Romana on the shore of the Caribbean Sea. Founded as a fishing village in 1874 by Juan Brito and his family, who came from Puerto Rico, the town is now a tourist destination.

Bayahíbe Beach, a public beach, is located less than a mile from the town center, and Dominicus Beach is in about three miles’ distance. Bayahíbe serves as an embarkation point for boat trips to Saona Island, a thinly inhabited island with extensive beaches located in a national park. In the vicinity of Bayahíbe and Dominicus Beach, numerous large resorts are located.

The public beach of Bayahibe is about 10 minute walking from Altea hotel and borders the beach of the Dreams La Romana resort (don’t be fooled by the name, it is located in Bayahibe). Walking to reach this beach, you will see practically the entire town, including the many and varied restaurants where you can find local and international food, shops and excursion companies. On this beach you will find sun loungers, hammocks and umbrellas available for rent, as well as several restaurants serving typical Dominican food, very convenient to have drinks and food during the day on the beach. We recommend trying the fried fish: it is delicious and very characteristic of the place.

On Sundays this beach is very crowded, as Dominican families (which tend to be very large) love to go out to relax and cook their food with their feet in the sand.

This beach is near the port of Bayahibe, but the swimming area is safe and the boats are kept at a safe distance. The seabed is sandy, with few rocks here and there. Some prefer to wear rubber shoes, but it is not necessary. On the best days the water is crystal clear and calm, but depending on the weather, wind, rain, and currents, it can turn cloudy. Like the entire Bayahibe bay, wave formation is very rare. From here you will have a total view of the bay and the port, with all the catamarans and boats moored.”


Bayahibe Dominicus
Bayahibe Dominicus
Bayahibe Dominicus
Bayahibe Dominicus

Who are we?

We are an expat family of four living in Bayahibe Dominicus, Dominican Republic. We’re business owners and we love to travel. This is our experience of the area, the places we love and our difficulties and triumphs along the way. Our daughter Israelle Olivia is 3.5 and loves the beach and “fun, school friends.” Baby Benjamin loves to play and play and play. Ben is a teacher and a coach and he loves languages and cultures. He’s fluent in Spanish and loves to soak in every piece of culture that he can. This is his 6th time he’s been to the Dominican Republic. Jecelyn is a photographer and the CEO of a small business media company. She is learning Spanish and had never visited the Dominican Republic before moving there.

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