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How Did We End Up In Dominicus, Dominican Republic? A Bit Of Our Backstory

By November 26, 2021November 27th, 2021Our Story
Bayahibe Dominicus

Dominicus, Dominican Republic. How did we end up here?

In May of 2021, our family was living in an RV full time and traveling America. We were getting most of our income from doing photo/video work for conferences all over. This paid our transportation and much of our bills. However, we were getting tired, burnt out, and fed up with the politics and fighting in America. 

I was sitting in a coffeeshop in the middle of nowhere in TX feeling incredibly frustrated with our life and I opened Google Flights. I angrily typed in Miami, Florida to Santo Domingo and saw that we could buy three one-way plane tickets for less than $350 total. I was floored. I quickly sent screenshots to Ben and asked, “should I do it?” He called me and we started to talk.

Nearly a year prior we decided to buy an RV, but it wasn’t really because we wanted to travel the US. We’d already spent years traveling the US in our tiny Fiat 500 and we were ready to move on. We wanted to move out of the country and have a “house” to come back to. We bought the RV, remodeled it and moved out of our farm house in IL. We didn’t leave the country at that point though. International travel restrictions were still tight because of the pandemic, and we had conferences wanting us to come film. We decided to stay. We traveled the US in an RV full time for a year and it was good, but it wasn’t really the plan. 

Rage Buying Tickets to Get to Dominicus – (We Actually Had no Plan.)

When I saw the dirt cheap plane tickets I thought this might be the moment we were waiting for. We talked about it on the phone for a few minutes, and we decided to take the leap. I bought the tickets for September 1st, 10 days after we finished our last conference. We had no idea how we would get from OH (the location of our last conference) to Miami, or where we would store our RV and our car or where we would live when we got to the Dominican Republic. We just knew it was time to take the leap. 

Over the next few months we googled feverishly and called all our trusted friends to try to get all the logistics sorted out. We ended up with our RV in a friend’s backyard in North Carolina, a three month AirBnb booked for Dominicus, and our car in a stranger’s backyard in Tampa. (there’s a company called Neighbor which is basically AirBnB for storing things. We finally discovered this 2 days before getting on the plane to fly to Santo Domingo. That was stressful to say the least.)

We worked and planned down to the wire and made it onto the plane to Santo Domingo. Our new adventure had begun.

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